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All You Need to Know About Our Services

We provide a complete list of terms and conditions of our services. Keeping everything transparent, we ensure that you understand each and every aspect in order leverage our expertise to its best.

Necessary terms you should know

  1. Our door to door service is provided unless the residential area doesn’t allow us.
  2. We promise the on-time delivery of the vehicles. However, the delivery time and date depend on the conditions such as the distance between the point A and point B, the weather conditions and other situations as well.
  3. Carriers are not liable to take care of the personal items inside the vehicle. Hence, it is better to remove your personal property before handing over the vehicle.
  4. The assigned carriers are responsible for the damages and other issues according to the insurance policy. You are required to conduct a complete checkup as the vehicle gets delivered.
  5. The vehicle should not have plants, live pets, alcohol, drugs, firearms, or any other electronic equipment inside.
  6. The laws and regulations of the states are followed during the transportation.

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After getting the quote, you just have to confirm the booking by providing the information regarding the location and the time when you want to get your vehicle picked up. Then, according to your provided time and location, our carriers will come to pick up your vehicle.

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