How To Ensure Smooth Shipping Of Your Precious Car?

How To Ensure Smooth Shipping Of Your Precious Car?

When you have invested lots of money for your car, you will desire to take all precautions to ensure safety of your investment. In case you are moving home or want transportation of your car over long distances, it is good to ship it through a carrier rather than drive it to its new destination.

Here are some tips to ensure smooth shipping of your car:

  • Compare pricing:

Like any other service, you will get what you paid for. But it is always good to keep in mind a realistic budget and weigh the quotes offered by different carrier companies.

  • Do research:

When you are shipping your precious car, do not trust just any company. Doing preliminary research on carrier companies can save a lot of headache in the long run. Make enquiries with others who have used such services. Read up customer reviews online about service of carriers. Above all, check safety records of the company with local traffic police or the federal Dept. of Transportation (DOT).

  • Request trailer services:

You will like to know beforehand whether your car will be transported in enclosed car carrier and shipping services   or whether company makes use of open-air trailers. It is true that open trailers are relatively cheaper but are subject to greater chances of damage caused by road debris that flies ahead and the impact of grime, dust and rain. An enclosed trailer will be expensive but keeps car safe from the elements.

  • Consider insurance:

Ascertain details of insurance of both carrier company as well as your personal insurance policy. Get hold of a copy of insurance policy of the carrier. Contact the insurance provider to check whether the policy is current and effective. Ask the carrier: What are the aspects covered by your insurance? What kind of damages or accidents will not be covered? Have there been any cases where you have had to press for insurance claims?

Before the car is shipped, you will desire to contact your insurance provider and ascertain coverage so your car will be shipped safely. Your insurance policy will be a contingency if the insurance provided by the carrier does not cover loss or damage which happened in the process of shipping.

  • Inspection and photos:

You must spend time inspecting your car and take note of any cosmetic or mechanical damage, prior to shipping. It is good to take well lit and dated photos of the car from all angles before it is shipped. The good news is that the damage rate of the industry is below 3%, so you may not require the photos, after all.

  • Remove all items from the car:

Before loading the car on the carrier, it is a must to empty it completely. There are many reasons you don’t want loose items in the car while shipping. But the main one is safety. Add items and you increase the weight of the car and loose items can disrupt the line of vision during unloading and loading. Also loose items can bounce about causing damage.

  • Cut down fuel:

Leave only a quarter amount of fuel in the car while shipping unless otherwise requested by carrier. This will ensure safety of car even while shipping in enclosed car transport trailers.

These are some tips to ensure smooth shipping of your precious car.

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